The Silver Handle

RDP Monday: Handle


I couldn’t take your hand, for our last walk that day

in October.


I took up the silver handle and walked as close as I could to you.

I thought I could feel you, I wanted to feel you but

I was afraid I’d drop you.

We all were.

On that day

in October,

it was raining and cold and the orange and red leaves of autumn were drowning in the


The woman in the smart black suit and sensibly manicured nails gave me the key to your new home.

She rested it in the palm of my hand, I barely felt it’s weight.

It disappeared  until a week ago.

I found it in our car, it was in  the counsel between our seats hidden under a coupon for a free


I lifted it up and I was surprised.

It felt heavier then I remembered.

I took it as a sign.

It could only mean one thing,  this was an invitation

 to your home and I think I will pay you a visit.

I wonder if I will recognize you.

I am preparing myself, that I may not.


But October is here and Halloween is near and this is the  best time for me to drop in 

and take you out.

Maybe we will use that coupon for the free yogurt.


and when we are done with our visit, I’ll take you back to your home and  lay you to rest.


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