The Unlocked Door

February 2021 Writing Prompts: #2 Little By Little


A picture of dog and a cat under a Christmas tree

flowers pressed in a book

that I obediently read

because it was gift of words that meant so much to you.


You left the receipt in it,  I still don’t know why.


Tickets to a concert that  you were going to take someone else to

I found them just before Valentines Day.

I still have them and I  take them out sometimes

and laugh.


Nights in White Satin, indeed.


Little by little the door to that room in the back of my head

swings open with a creak and when it does

I kick it closed again



before the howling starts.

Month of Love#2

Paula Light’s challenge: , “Let’s celebrate the month of lurve (aka love) by posting one thing we love every day throughout February.

This was my favorite Christmas Ambience Video and I’m still loving it.

I would love to have a room like this one- it’s perfect. The colors are warm, there’s a fireplace- lots of room to write or read or play some music.

Heavy sigh.

It may look like Christmas, but to me it looks like a little bit o’ heaven.

Cabbage Is A Curse Word, Right?

RDP Tuesday: Cabbage

A little rant, a little rave…

A few weeks ago I told an Anti Mask/Anti Vaxxer on Facebook  that I thought her comment was stupid.

I got sent to Facebook Jail- AGAIN.

I’m guessing it’s because I hurt the poster’s feelings.

Like I care. I just repost things on my blog. And if I want to talk to anyone I call so I’m still part of the ‘conversation and community ‘.


Eventually they  let me out…

Facebook and I have a history.

Once someone said I was a ‘libtard’ and I decided to respond.

I posted the reply below. They reported me, Facebook pulled my comment and then put it back.

Upon review,  I had not violated community standards after all.

I don’t know how they came to that conclusion. Facebook defies the laws of the known Universe.

Listen here you toe-eyed cabbage, I wasn’t born into this world so you could bang  out  insults from your limited vocabulary  and leave them  here in the comment section like a pile of dog poo festering away in the full heat of summer on a velvety well manicured lawn.

I hope you stub your toe in the dark and have to crawl back to your bedroom at 4:00 am in horrific pain after going to the kitchen for a midnight snack of Cheese Whiz and those crackers you emptied  from the basket on your table at Applebees only to find the cat  peed on the  crackers that  the roaches didn’t eat and your dog ate your stash of Twinkies.