The Hiker

Putting My Feet in the Dirt February Prompt#1:  Turbulent Tranquility

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It was a cool day, by that I mean it wasn’t hot and it wasn’t freezing- I don’t mean that it was spectacular or amazing. It was just a cool day.

On this cool day I was stretched out on a rock, looking up through the trees into the cloudy sky.

Bees were buzzing, bugs were humming and clicking, it was hard to tell what time it was because the light was a little hazy but it felt like noon, the air smelled like  a delicious blend of wet rot and dry pine needles and maybe rain.

It was a nice day to lay back and look up into the sky.

I thought about getting up, maybe I could take a little walk to the stream at the bottom of the hill. I even thought about getting up and walking further into the woods where I was pretty sure it was a little darker and maybe even a little more quiet- if that was possible. But after that little slide I took from the hill above and all of the work it took to get there,  I decided this was the perfect place to  rest my bones.

Besides, in my heart a little voice whispered that  that I was in the right place for me to be  and that it was my time to look up through the trees, towards the sky that was beginning to fill with birds.

The birds were floating and circling and some of them were calling to each other and after coming to an agreement they started to float down towards me, one by one and I thought of snowflakes with eyes and wings.

Down they floated  like a single feather being pushed by the wind- at first they sailed around gently like they were not in any particular hurry and then they came down like hail stones with grim determination and as they covered me, I looked up and knew

this was my day to look up into the sky, with my clouding eyes wide opened  on this

my body’s last day on Earth.