Month of Love #4

Paula Light’s challenge: , “Let’s celebrate the month of lurve (aka love) by posting one thing we love every day throughout February.

A few

weeks ago I saw this little painted rock on a railing at the train station:

Photo A.M. Moscoso

I thought it was cute and I wondered what it was about, so one day I picked it  up and turned it over and saw this:

Photo A.M. Moscoso

I was curious about the ‘why’ ,  so I put it in my pocket and thought I might write about it.

I assumed FB painted on the back of the rock meant Facebook, but for some reason I didn’t latch onto that bit of info. I was, as I have been for awhile,  distracted.

And then a few days ago, I found this rock ( which is shaped like an egg and about the size of an extra large one ) near my mailbox.

As you can see it has a Halloween theme and I LOVE Halloween.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

So then I went on line to figure out what this was all about.

Actually I went to Facebook and I found this:

Puyallup Rocks is a Community Arts Group that Spreads Joy through the community with random acts of kindness through Art abandonment in the form of Art Rocks. Its a very simple concept, Paint a rock, Tag your rock with Puyallup Rocks (or another home group), Hide a Rock, Find a Rock, Post a Picture of your rocks (hides and finds). You can keep or re-hide the rocks you find but we ask that you keep spreading the love by painting more rocks to hide or eventually re-hiding most of the rocks you find. Puyallup Rocks is part of a Nation wide movement that is rumored to have started here in Washington, and has spread across the country like wild fire, we are even starting to see groups pop up in other countries (we love to see rocks travel) .

Well I am in LOVE with this idea.

I wish I could draw or paint but I can’t. I’m pretty awful at it. I even suck at taking pictures and the camera does most of the work.

Anyway, there’s clues about where to go look for these treasures on the Facebook page, but I can’t add to the adventure in a meaningful way, so I think I’m going to keep my eyes peeled and when I run across these nifty gifts I will give them a place of honor with my gargoyle collection.

But if you are so inclined- check it out HERE  and join the fun!


Am I Awake Yet?

Putting My Feet in The Dirt February Prompt: Little By Little

“Cat and Wasp”

Sleep more

awake less

sometimes I wish the sun would set faster.


Sleep more

dream less

sometimes I wish the Moon would stay around  day and night


Sleep more

wonder less

sometimes I just want to stop and fall, it doesn’t matter where I just want to rest


Sleep more

awake more

sometimes I wish the clocks and calenders would let me have a little peace

instead of wearing me

like a cheap pair of shoes every single day

because they don’t care if they scuff me up

and wear me out

before my time.