Dog Days

I thought I’d post some dog comics, because dogs are PAWESOME and who doesn’t want to  see posts about dogs?
Well. Maybe cats.

Anyway I could use a laugh or two today.

Just for fun I’ve also posted the theme song to one of my favorite childhood cartoons called ” Underdog”


 I did have fun doing ‘research’ for this post.


Singing Monsters

For Fandango’s Flashback Friday I have chosen a poem I wrote about Singing Monsters in February of 2018.

Do you know what I haven enjoyed about Flashback Friday? It gives me and the bloggers that I enjoy reading a chance to go back and see our older work.

For myself, it’s nice to know that I don’t suck at poetry all of the time, it’s more like most of the time, but that’s okay. I’ll get to the sweet spot eventually.

anita marie

Each word

every phrase

etched on the page


from my brain

to my pen


into your eye

hid in your darkness

waiting for you to sleep.


Sweet Dreams

My monsters will sing you to sleep.


Daily Prompt: Conjure