RDP Tuesday: ART


There is art

in ruin.

Silence is a symphony playing endlessly in deserted rooms, echoing  aimlessly through

empty halls.

 Broken glass, shattered stone, rotted wood

created by  merciless time and brutal neglect

then lovingly crafted and given form by an invisible master

a shattered tribute to what once

 lived quietly under the skin.





The Woods

Fandango’s One-Word Challenge: Repudiate

Photo by Lucas Pezeta on

I buried your face

your voice

the smell of your hair

caked with nicotine and  perfume

in the woods behind my house.


I burned your books

your newspaper clippings

about a world gone mad

in a metal drum

in the woods behind my house


I lined a hole

with cheap cement

and dropped your bones into it, with glee

instead of letting them run wild

in the woods behind my house.


I say a curse

and a prayer

for everything that I keep

and sometimes visit, when I am feeling weak

in the Woods behind my house.