It’s Time for a Just For Fun Post- YAY!

HuResponse to: “Season 4 — Game 2.”

1. Favorite pizza topping?

Bacon and pineapple.

Do NOT start with me.

I like pineapple on my pizza.

2. What do you do too much and too little of today?

Tolerate my fellow humans.

3. Do you live by the 2 second rule when it comes to dropped food on the floor? [As in if food drops to the floor do you eat it or bin it?]

I have a Labrador Retriever . Food never hits the floor in my house.

Hamish Macbeth
Photo A.M. Moscoo

4. Have you ever fooled around with electric wires and tripped you as in received a shock if yes, what were you doing?

I was pulling light fixtures from a display and learned the hard way that our display team were common sense challenged, so if you did as much as breath on a fixture it threw the circuit break off… EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

5. Are you a plate licker?

No. I’m a biter.

6. What time do you normally retire to bed for the night, or try to anyway?

When I am through with the world- and by that I mean it has played my last nerve I turn in for the night.

7. How many blue elephants would it take to change a red lightbulb in the green toilet?

Dude. If you think I’d go near a toilet that an elephant has access to, then me an you need to have some words. Because nobody should be playing around an elephant’s toilet.

Portrait Of Louise Anne De Bourbon Conde ,


You Just Never Know

Word of the Day Challenge: Month

Image by Carol Collette

Maybe in

the very next second

or one minute from now

maybe in as little as in the next hour

or as long as one day away

or maybe in, you never know, maybe

in just  one more month

the world might  suddenly wake up

stretch out it’s  aching arms

wipe the frost from it’s eyes

crack it’s stiff and aching bones

and Spring to life

right before our eyes.

Paul Madeline. 1905

Mars 02-22-21

Welcome To Mars

At the Press conference today some of the scientists recommended slowing down the speed on the video as you watched the landing because there is so much information to take in. I don’t know how to do that, but I guess I’ll ask around and find out.

They also said the same thing about the pictures. Zoom in and just have fun with it.

Anita Marie

This panorama, taken on Feb. 20, 2021, by the Navigation Cameras
Perseverance Navcams 360-Degree Panorama

Navcam View of Perseverance’s Rover Deck

Mastcam-Z Looks at Its Calibration Target


This first image of NASA’s Perseverance Rover on the surface of Mars from the High Resolution Imaging Experiment (HiRISE) camera aboard NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) shows the many parts of the Mars 2020 mission landing system that got the rover safely on the ground.