Spring Cleaning

RDP Monday: Radical


Abbi Hardenberg has just finished loading her dishwasher.

Her kitchen is white, spotless. It shines. It smells like Bright Ways lemon cleaner and vanilla. From the windows above her sink and from the skylight above her head the sun shining into her cool, quiet kitchen is pale and watery.

She steps and her eyes shift over the granite counter tops, the clear glass cannisters full of beans and pasta dried herbs and then she turns and walks towards the kitchen door that leads to the hallway upstairs.

On her way out, as she passes the counter, in one smooth motion she opens a drawer, takes something out and  shuts it.

She hits the light switch and the door swings shut behind her.

Photo by Milly Eaton on Pexels.com

Abbi is standing in front of her daughter’s bedroom door and just before she knocks on it, she rubs a bit of dust off with the palm of her hand. She grimaces and then wipes it on her thigh.

” Marina, ” she calls as she turns the knob and pushes the door open ” have you cleaned-”

Abbi’s twelve year old daughter is standing in the middle of her room.

Abbi felt the corners of her mouth twitch.

” It’s the monster Mom. I can’t get rid of it. If I could just get rid of it once and for all, my room would be perfect. ”

Marina’s walls are the palest shade of pink, the comforter is smoothed to perfection on her sleigh bed. Her desk is polished to a mirror shine and a little vase of daisies sits on the right hand corner.

” You’ve been up her for hours Marina, what is the problem here? ”

” It’s the Monster mom. Every time I turn around, every time I think I’ve done a good job it’s there. It’s just there messing everything up for me.

Marina points to the mirror above her vanity. ” Look, it’s almost perfect Mom. ”

They both look at the mirror and then they both look at each other.

Abbi drops her left hand down in front of her and Marina sees what is in her Mother’s hand.

Marina doesn’t look surprised to see a hammer clenched in her fist.

” Let’s do something about that monster once and for all. What do you say? Let’s really clean house Marina.”

Marina  raises her hand , something  is shining  in her partially closed fist and then Abbi steps into the room and the door swings shut behind her.









Sometimes House

Word of The Day Challenge: SOMETIMES

Photo by Laurentiu Robu on Pexels.com


all of the doors in my house swing open

on their own



all of the doors in my house slam shut

on their own.


Sometimes the windows in

in my living room

frost over during the Summer


Sometimes the windows in

my living room

are hot to the touch in the Fall


Sometime I can hear noises

coming from my kitchen

a thump, a gasp and then…



all of the doors in my house slam shut

on their own over and over again.



Word of the Day Challenge: Kiss

Lourry Legarde

Kisses are meaningless

little promises

given to a cheek, a lip, the back of a hand


here’s one for you, two for her and three for him.


Plenty more from where those came from.


Kisses are meaningless little promises

unless they are wrapped in silver foil

to be enjoyed

on cold Winter nights or  bright Spring mornings

with someone you like- or maybe even love.