The Hungry Ghost

Word of The Day Challenge: Digest

Moonlit Night. Wrecked ship
Ivan Aivazovsky

My Island is lost at Sea.

I’m not sure if anything or anybody is below her deck

I am not sure if she took on water and sank

I am not sure if she is lost in a canyon where she is covered by

magnetic bacteria and the remains of an exploded star.


My Island is lost at Sea

a corpse with wooden bones and a secret in her hold

a skeleton crew at her helm

if she sails she does it at night and shrouded in fog

other ships steer clear of her and their bones creak in fear as they creep by.


My Island is lost at Sea

I’ve tried to call her back

I’ve tried to track her down

I know she can hear me but she won’t answer me

from her silent and crowded grave.


Aivazov’s Neapolitan Lighthouse


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Hungry Ghost

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Almost Gone

Word of the Day Challenge: Abandoned

The house down the street from where I live

is a corpse, it is a shell of a life that could have been

painted blue with an apple tree out front

a deserted wasp’s nest  tinged green with moss  hangs

from an eve over the kitchen window.


The backdoor isn’t locked, you can walk inside

there is a bed in the attic

covered with dust, it smells like mold

the pillow is fluffy and and there is  a quilt

folded at the foot with flowers and teacups embroidered in each ragged  little square


The kitchen is cold, the cupboards are bare

the stove is rusted and the sink is full of soapy water

in the bathroom upstairs the toilet bowl is covered in cobwebs

and the pale blue  bath mat next to the tub is faded with age

the mirror above the sink is steamed over and it stays that way


There is an abandoned house down the street from where I live

someone used to live there, they had a dog in name Tippy

they had a light green car sometimes they hung Christmas lights

in the living room window

and little by little that all faded away, one day the rest will too.


It will probably happen at night

like it did

on the other streets

one by one until everyone is almost gone

and abandoned.