We Used To Go To The Movies

Linda G Hill’s Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “difference.” Whatever the word “difference” conjures first in your mind, write about it. Enjoy!


We used to go to the Drive In Movies

me, my brother, sister and Dad because we didn’t have Netflix back then.

Sometimes my Mom went, but movies or maybe being stuck in a car

with all of us wasn’t her thing.


Before the movie started we used to play on the swings and slides under the screen

we bought popcorn and candy from the concession stand

that smelled like cigarette smoke, car exhaust and pizza

when I think about that dimly little store I can taste Milk Duds.


The Drive had speakers on poles

that crackled and hissed and if it didn’t work

and there weren’t any stalls left

they let you in at the next show and you got free snacks,


I used to like to walk between the cars

before the movie started

sometimes I saw people making out or drinking or getting high and  back then,

nobody liked to get pinched by a little kid with a Snoopy toy clutched to her chest.


The Drive in held it’s breath, waiting for the sun to set and just as it did

the monsters and pirates and aliens from space climbed down from the

screen and made you laugh and scream and in the middle of the show

smiling  hotdogs and popcorn boxes danced for you at the intermission.


The Drive Ins are gone now

there are a few corpses scattered here and there

in fields, behind warehouses

giant screens, rusted swing sets, sometimes a slide painted red and white


But do you know what I think?

If you stand there   you can feel the Drive In holding   it’s breath

and I think that as the sunsets the monsters and pirates and aliens from outer space

still climb down from the screens, at least I think they do.