Milo and Jingle From Rainbow Beach

I  created the Jingle and Milo characters years ago, but I’m thinking I’m going to bring them back to play in some of the prompts I run across.

So here are three little stories for you to read so that you will get to know them.

It will be fun to see what they get up too.


A long time ago a young man named Milo Hungerford asked a woman named Jingle to marry him at the Rainbow Beach Drive-In during intermission.

Jingle  said yes just as an army of little popcorn boxes went dancing across the screen  and a soft drink cup wearing a top hat stood on a box of Honey Bits  and invited you to visit all of his friends at the snack bar soon.

” I want to be with you forever. ” Milo told Jingle with tears in his eyes.

Then Milo took Jingle’s hand and put a ring on her finger that he had made for her himself.

Jingle held the ring up to the light from the movie screen and then she held it to her cheek and then  Jingle took Milo’s chin in her hand lifted it up and she said- as she sank her teeth into his neck-

” I am so glad to hear you say  that Milo. “

The Beginning

by a.m. moscoso

The Honeymoon

Photo A.M. Moscoso

They were a husband and a wife on their Honeymoon  and they were in a museum looking at one of a hundred mummies .

The mummy that Jingle and Milo  were looking was in it’s sarcophagus, the lid was off and the mummy and it’s coffin were  standing upright encased in a glass case.

 A the mummy’s feet was the story about the nameless princess- dead for thousands of years now-  with the back of her skull missing.

Was it a murder?

Was it an accident during the embalming process?

Who buried the Princess, whose hands were also missing, below the floor of a tomb belonging to the many dogs once owned by the Pharaoh

asked the card

which also had a black and white picture next to it of the Mummy’s unwrapped head

showing the curious

the damaged skull.

Jingle looked into the face of the long dead woman and snickered-she did not laugh, she did not chuckle…she snickered

 and when she realized her husband was watching her she blushed- just a little,

 cleared her throat a tiny bit-

and then she tried,

 not very successfully,

 to saunter away like all of the rest of the Museum visitors who were just looking around on that July afternoon.

” Jingle…come back here…Jingle… “

And Jingle said to Milo as she disappeared comfortably into the rows of the dead,

” When some people tell you hands off …they mean it Milo. “


“Minuma River in Omiya” by Kawase Hasui

” What are you looking at Jingle? ”  Milo Hungerford asked his wife.

Jingle was standing in front of their bathroom mirror with her hairbrush in her hand and she turned slowly towards him and said, ” I don’t know. “

He came up behind her and stared into glass and shook his head.

” That’s not right Jingle. “

She put her hand to her face and looked into the mirror again and when she turned back towards Milo she started to cry. ” Milo what’s happening to me? “

Milo  pulled Jingle to his chest and turned her away from the looking glass.

” Is it still there Milo? “

Milo held Jingle tighter and said, ” yes. “

” The one in the foyer- let’s try that one too. “

” Jingle- it won’t…” he started to say and then when he saw the look on her face he nodded. “okay, we’ll try that one too.”

Milo held his wife’s hand and they walked down the dark halls to the entrance to their home and together they looked into the mirror there and Jingle burst into tears and grabbed her face.

” Oh Milo- oh Milo what’s happening to me? ” she cried.

Milo looked into the mirror and there in the glass he saw his wife holding her hairbrush, her dark hair framing her face- all alone except for the darkness that was their home and he turned her gently towards him and said,

” I don’t know how it happened Jingle…but I think you’re alive. “



Fly Little Guy FLY!!!


I thought it was cool when I flew my friend’s drone across a field and through some trees and followed my dog around her yard.

And then today NASA flew a drone on Mars.

Challenge accepted NASA. Challenge accepted.

LOL. Seriously. Check this out, it’s AWESOME.

First Video of NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter in Flight, Includes Takeoff and Landing (High-Res)

Beset Lee’s Attic

” Did you see this? ” Marlene asked her friend Beset Lee as she handed her the morning newspaper.

Beset Lee, who was a Witch and her friend Marlene who was also a Witch were choosing out their Halloween costumes from a trunk in Beset Lee’s  attic.

Every year they liked to dress up like something candy related. Don’t ask me why, I’m just telling this story.

” I don’t like to concern myself with current events on Holidays.” Beset Lee said waving the paper away.

” I know, it puts you in a bad mood, ” Marlene told her friend ” that’s why I waited until now to show you this.” Marlene smooshed the paper in Beset’s face. ” Read it. I really, really think you should.”

” I can’t breathe.” Beset Lee said from behind the newspaper.

” Oh sorry. But read it. Please. Now. It’s just awful what they are saying.”

Beset Lee took the paper from Marlene and warned her: ” If this kills my buzz I am going to cast an evil spell on you and it will involve spiders”

Beset Lee set the paper down after she read the story and said, ” I think that this year I want to be a that candy bar with the pirates on the wrapper. That way I can carry around a sword.”

“I  hate to tell you this Beset Lee but they’re not Pirates. They’re musketeers. Now what are we going to do about this story?”

” Why should we do anything? It’s wrong. The Press, they can’t get anything right, can they? Where is that silver tunic?” Beset Lee went back to work digging through the trunk.

” That’s not the point. Hey, why don’t we ever dress up as anything other than food?” Marlene asked.

” So what’s the point. And food is fun. Especially candy.”

” The point is, people will know we are up to something.” Marlene said.

” Marlene, we are Witches we are always up to something- especially on Halloween. Everybody with a brain knows that. For Pete’s sake, even the ones who don’t have a brain knows that.”

” When you are right, you are really right Beset Lee. I still think that story in the paper is just awful.  I’d go as far as to call it disgraceful. As if we would curse candy.”

” Besides it’s a stupid plan all around. ” Marlene continued as she started to feel better about their situation.  “As if everyone eats candy on Halloween. Besides that we love candy we must eat a mountain of it ourselves on Halloween. What if we got the goody bags mixed up? “

” Exactly.”

Beset Lee  found the silver tunic at bottom of the trunk of and  she said as she pulled it out with a flourish, ” That’s why every year we use my plan to curse toothpaste for Halloween .”