Tink’s Prompt: FEARFULLY 

” Any day  a dead woman does not show up  and ask you where her flowers are is going to be a good day. In fact, it’s going to be a great day. ” Abie Walden’s Grandfather used to say.

Abie’s Grandfather had been a mortician and after he gave her that little bit of advice Abie found she couldn’t stand the smell of flowers anymore. She also found that she had to close all of the drapes in her house just before Sunset and she didn’t dare open them until sunrise.

Sometimes she would sit on her couch with her hands clenched in her lap, her chest aching from having to force Abie to let air into her lungs and  after a sleepless night or two she would walk through her house and sniff for flowers.

On a good day, she couldn’t smell a thing.

One day Abie was driving through town and knowing that her Grandfather had organized a sizable memorial service she decided to take a back road informally known as Pumpkin Patch Road  that wound up and around the cemetery, it was a nice drive.

The sun was shining, Abie’s favorite radio station had played not one but at least six of her favorite songs in a row and it was a Friday.

She was sailing down the old gravel road when she looked out the passenger window to her right and there, instead of the empty field that would be a Pumpkin Patch  full of golden orange Pumpkins by Halloween, was a field full of flowers.

There were purple, gold, yellow and pink flowers. The field was a tangled mess and Abie was sure if it could the ground under all of those flowers would be screaming and gasping for air.

Her foot slammed down on the brake and enraged Abie looked down at it. Her lips curled over her teeth. Her bloodless knuckles cracked and popped along her steering wheel.

” Go ” she told herself. ” GO!”

She did. She put her car in park and opened her door. She took her hands off of her steering wheel one finger at a time and then she slid  to her left and got out of her car.

These innocent little  flowers had turned up like an angry mob and demanded Abie’s attention. They wanted her affection. They wanted her to say how beautiful they were.

They were nothing like the sunflowers that she liked to grow from time to time. Abie’s Sunflowers had wide gentle faces and unless you looked up, you would never have known those blooms were there.

She walked across the field of flowers,down the road to the cemetery and she found the  the mourners gathered around the opened grave. She drifted up behind her Grandfather and she whispered in his ear.

” Where are my flowers? ”

Gareth turned around and he could see police cars, their sirens off speeding up  Pumkin Patch Road- the shortcut that Abie liked to take when they were holding  their more heavily attended funerals.

He had a terrible feeling that today was not going to be a good day.


Wild Flowers

Photo by Freddie Ramm on Pexels.com

Let’s not over think it,

let’s just take a breath, relax,  open our eyes

and take that field of Wild Flowers in.


It’s not a very big field, the flowers are not exotic

the Sun shines on it the same exact way it shines on my

front yard or your backyard.


If you watch the flowers,

that is, if you have nothing else to do

you can see them turning their faces towards the light, slowly


And if you  listen

and you hold your breath

you won’t hear a bird singing or bees buzzing


It’s a field full of wild flowers

watching the Sun

alone in a deathly quiet field.



” That daughter of yours- she’s a quiet one, isn’t she? ” The 6th Grade teacher at Old Creek Elementary School said to Mr. and Mrs. Erbin at the last Parent- Teacher Conference” I don’t think I’ve heard her say more then four words in the entire time she’s been a student here. “

Mr and Mrs. Erbin looked at each other and before Mr. Erbin could open his mouth to reply Mrs. Erbin snapped, ” And whose side of the family do you think that problem came from? “

” Like I was the one responsible for wiring her brain.” Mr. Erbin pushed his face straight into his Wife’s face and they glared at each other.

” Really Mr. Erbin- nobody in this room had the sole responsibility for-” Mrs. Snodgrass wasn’t sure if she was repeating what she heard correctly so she said with a little hesitation ” for wiring Cynbel’s brain.”

Mrs. Erbin shrugged and looked up at the ceiling and smirked, and that one little gesture seemed to push Mr. Erbin straight into Angersville Population 1 where he became the Mayor upon arrival.

” We both had a hand in our daughters development Mrs. Snodgrass. We studied and observed, we took classes and tests we asked questions and attended more lectures until we were positive, confident that we could raise a healthy, intellectually superior child. And do you know what we have here?”

Mrs. Snodgrass was too polite to say what they had here.

” Cynbel eats bugs, she only takes a breath once every six hours and one of her eyes is permanently shut. I’m sure that you’re  aware she won’t the touch the food on her plate unless it’s moving. Do you know what it’s like to have to sit next to your child and jiggle her plate so she’ll eat? “

” Go ahead and tell her who came up with that nifty little idea.” Mrs Erbin muttered.

” It worked, didn’t it? “

Mrs Snodgrass looked at both of the Erbin’s and shook her head- just a little.” Mr Erbin…we have the means to help your daughter -“

Mr. Erbin shouted, ” Our daughter is beyond help Mrs. Snodgrass because our daughter is like a science experiment gone horribly wrong. You must be able to see that.”

Mrs Erbin looked liked she was going to pick something up and hit her husband with it.” Anybody with eyes in their head can see that you insensitive fool. Go ahead and tell her whose project it was. “