The Writer

Putting My Feet In The Dirt Prompt #2 Twisted Oak Paths and Blooming Breezes


If you want to write about life

you have to live it!

Read a mountain of books, eat right, get plenty sleep

travel to the the French Corner for Halloween

and order a drink called the Toxic Baby


Then MAYBE you can cobble a piece together

and MAYBE someone will buy it from you

and then and only then

will you be an honest to goodness writer

a master of your craft.


BUT if what I write about is


but if what  I write about  are monsters

but if I write about a warped world and the warped people who live in it

wouldn’t it be better if


I took a little mirror and left it on my desk

and when I am creating a world where nothing is fair

and everyone has a dark heart filled with dark desires and deeds

I just look at it

and say, ” so Anita Marie, what do you have to say today?”






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