The Backrow Student

Word of The Day Challenge: APPLICATION

Franz von Stuck “Dissonanz,”

I took singing lessons

lots and lots of singing lessons

of course I could not sing

but did that stop me?

It did not! I’d belt those ugly sounding  notes out anyway by jingo.


I took driving lessons

but did I learn to drive well

did I learn all of the rules

was I going to be a skillful and confident driver?

Oh heck no! But I know that. So I don’t drive like a jackass.


I used to take

all kinds of classes

and I bombed out of each and every one.

Did I ever learn to sew or write screenplays? Did I learn anything at all?

I did not. I am the black hole of any education system you toss my way.


What I did learn was to fail

and I suppose that is the most important lesson to learn of them all.

I can fail on an epic  scale with a smile and dignity and grace.

I can even  crash and burn and lick my own wounds.

Which, really is not such a bad thing to know how to do.


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