There Goes The Neighborhood

If you could choose your headstone or statue , something to to sum up your feelings about life and death, what would you choose?

I learned this in a screenwriting class I took- go big or go home.

This is what I want- I want this statue walking towards my grave because 

in stone, in marble this statue holds inside of it exactly how I look at life.

Plus it is creepy as hell. The expression on the figures faces are a million times scarier

then any gargoyle’s face.

One last thing.

 I want to buried next to someone who put their favorite fudge or cookie recipe on

their headstone.

Go big or go home.

Fate by Hugo Lederer (1896) Fate drags a man and woman by their hair through the grass toward the Von Schröder mausoleum. Ohlsdorf Cemetery, Hamburg.

Very interesting article on Von Schröder Mausoleum   as well as interior shots of   Mausoleum itself  HERE

For RDP Thursday: VESSEL

Halloween Windows

Here are a few Halloween Windows to enjoy,

Pop them open and have some fun!