I Wonder

Who will

visit you on Mischief Night?


Who will crawl with the shadows

down the walkway in front of your house

through your yard, around your house

up your porch steps to your front door?


Who will knock, who will tap,  who will scratch at your door

who will ring your bell before they let themselves in?

Who will visit you on Mischief Night

and eagerly whisper your name as they close your door

behind them.



15 Days To Halloween

There are 15 days left to Halloween.

I love Halloween candy and baked treats for Halloween, especially if caramel is involved- but vegetables are nice too- you thought I meant pumpkins, didn’t you?  Go on. You did.

Feast your eyes on the Devil’s Tooth. From what I understand it is not as sweet as it looks.

Kind of like me.

Happy haunting upon your next 15 Days to Halloween.