Cherry Blossoms

Enduring Bones H’ween Challenge#25

She rounded the corner  on Littman Road every night at exactly 11:59 and he was waiting just across the street, in the shadow of a decorative Japanese  cherry blossom tree that wept blossoms all over his head and shoulders but he didn’t care.

Why should he? Maybe she liked little pink cherry blossoms.

They had a routine.

He  always followed her half way up her drive and then he stopped and he always hoped that one night she would  sense him and turn around and when she did he would rush up to her, covered in little pink blossoms, he would embrace her and then he would snap her neck like a chicken bone- for starters.

But she never turned around.

Cool as an autumn evening with just a touch of ice in the air she sailed ahead of him, he long dark hair hung heavy against her shoulders, he noticed she had a little limp and that broke his heart a little because it meant she probably couldn’t run very fast or maybe not at all and that chase, was as sweet to him as an ocean of sweet smelling blossoms.

One night, his patience wore thin and then it wore completely and he found himself shouting, yelling at her- ” Turn around! Are you deaf? Are you blind? All of these nights, weeks, months and you had no idea I was here?”

She stopped and she said, her voice cracking just a little ” I knew you were there. I could smell you. I just wasn’t hungry.”

He grinned. They did that sometimes. They played along.

” You are now baby, right? You’re hungry for me now. ”

He flexed his hands he pushed his shoulders forward and he was was about to rush her, but she got to him first- and she was hungry and as she sank her fangs into the side of his face and pulled him to the ground he found out exactly how hungry she was.

It was the cherry blossoms you see, they made everything taste sweeter and  the sweet smelling blossoms drove her absolutely mad.

23 Days To Halloween

There are 23 days left to Halloween and I think that  these creepy quotes from random sources would make great ice breakers – TRICK OR TREAT?

I’m supposed to be scary.

 I have made trees bleed.

That scratching you hear in your head is the monster trying to get out.

Time to cause some screaming.

Sometimes, the things you see in the shadows are more than just shadows.

Delicate things are not as easy to break as you may think.

 Pull back my carpets if you dare! Just keep in mind that you’re likely to find something you may not want to see!

 Something was scratching the other side of my pillow all night long.

 The smile she gave me wasn’t one from mother to child: it was one from predator to prey.

I want to be a gravedigger when I grow up.

“Horror is the removal of masks.” —Robert Bloch

“Be regular and orderly in your life, that you may be violent and original in your work.” —Clive Barker