Francie Had A Dream


” Kelby, ” my wife was whispering into the dark next to me, ” Kelby, are you awake?”

It was way past midnight, close to three in the morning. I was hoping if I just laid still and kept breathing slow she’d think I was asleep and I wouldn’t have to go through this with Francie again.

” Kelby.” she touched my shoulder and then took her hand away. ” Kelby can you hear me? I had that dream again and it’s freaking me out.”

Freaking her out? I thought. That’s a laugh. Nothing freaks Francie out. It’s not in her nature to freak out.

She used to asleep at horror movies. She’s always asking me how they end. It’s pretty annoying as you can imagine. She likes to hold the popcorn bucket so when she falls asleep the bucket usually slides off of her knees and if I don’t catch it, no popcorn.

It got to be a waste of money, she never saw the entire film and they don’t give away that popcorn as you know.

Francie powered on like it didn’t matter if I was awake or asleep or even in the room.

” It’s that dream where I think I’m dead and then I think I’m awake and bonus-  I’m alive and someone, sometimes it’s you or Lily from down the street will tell me, ” But Francie, we buried you yesterday. Shouldn’t you be in your coffin?

And then I wake up and it goes around and around. It’s enough to make me crazy. ”

There’s this little catch in Francie’s voice and I feel like an award winning jerk. She’s scared and I’m pretending to sleep.

I turn over and she has her back to me.

” I’m sorry Francie. I’m sorry you’re having that crazy dream. But you’re awake and this is no dream and you’re going to be fine.”

Francie pulls the blanket over her shoulder and she says to me,  ” I’m not dreaming. I know I’m not dreaming. I know I’m awake. And I know this Kelby. You’re not here. We buried you yesterday and you’re in your coffin.”




The Water People

Halloween Prompt #22


I was reading some articles about the doomed Franklin Expedition and the wrecks of the HMS Terror and the HMS Erebus and in one of these articles I came across this line:

An Inuit hunter from a settlement on King William Island led archeologists to the Terror.

This is where that little voice in my head says, ” you know, you can stop reading now…really Anita- are you listening? STOP READING RIGHT NOW.

Haunted Houses, Cursed bloodlines, Cemeteries full of crypts and shadows hold no fear for me. 

But when it comes to the idea of Ship Wrecks and bodies lost at Sea, Ghost Ships, Light Houses and that hissing sound the Sea makes when it washes across the rocks and sand, and the fog creeping up from the Seat to the beach, these things scare me half to death.

When I have nightmares about ships, I will sleep with the light on for the rest of the night. That’s a fact.

But it hasn’t stopped me from reading articles or books about the Franklin Expedition.I’m not sure why I’m less likely to treat Ghost Ships or Souls lost at Sea as lightly as I do other things of the Supernatural so I will leave you with this true story.

When I was little we lived in Hawaii and our house was near the bluffs.

Sometimes I would go out at night, climb a macadamia nut tree and shout out towards the


” You can’t get me up here! Ha ha on you! You can’t get me up here! “


I was told that once I was asked who couldn’t get me up here and I said,

” The Water People.”

When I say I was asked once, I mean I was only asked once. Nobody ever asked me who

the Water people were ever again.


The Terror Trapped In Ice

HMS Terror, found in a bay off King William Island, Nunavut. (Arctic Research Foundation)

HMS Erebus passing through the chain of bergs, 1842

John Torrington’s Coffin
Stoker on board The HMS Terror

Halloween Windows

Moonlight- it’s the frosting on top of a sweet Halloween night

Steven Outram