Flashbacks Are Fun

For  Fandango’s Flashback Friday I went into my vaults and found this super fun creative writing exercise- so of course when I did it I manged to find a way to drag it through a pile of graveyard yuck, but that’s what I do.

This Fun Creative Writing Exercise Will Change Your Life 

( Playing With Words )

Fun creative writing prompt- you choose one word and then another word and  you keep going and you’re not supposed to care where you go, the words don’t even have to go together.

However I started with cemetery and went to popsicles and bits and pieces of a day at work came back to me, so I improvised. But that’s what being creative is all about!

This was a fun prompt-follow the link above and give it a try.




crunchy leaves

dogs on leashes

who is in that car

Cherry blossoms are gone

crows dancing on graves

she shot herself at dawn

by the reflection pond

Marble cats, granite angels

the caretaker’s cottage

is full of empty coffins.

(Playing With Sounds and Words )






angry teeth fighting

behind bloodless lips

kiss me when I’m angry

do I taste like pennies or nickels?


Wait-Did You See That?

Anthonij (Anton) Rudolf Mauve

I’ve been watching some spooky clips from a series called @shortestblockbusters. Shortestblockbuster’s home is on tictok but I still haven’t even figured out snapchat, so I’ve been watching these on youtube.

My techy shortcomings aside, I have to say I’ve enjoyed these clips, some are a little more polished then the others but that really doesn’t matter because in this challenge you have 15 seconds to make someone care about your story and all the bells and whistles in the Universe won’t help you if you don’t hit that chord with your audience.

I think what made these three  so enjoyable for me is that the filmmakers had a focus and they stayed there so after the clip was over you had one single image in your head. Brilliant.

In the first clip, there is a lot going on but the ending made me laugh and want to watch more of these clips so I did.

Halloween is days away and these treats are tasty enough until you can score on THE BIG DAY, so enjoy.

Captain Kirk’s Death Mask

For Halloween

William Shatner put on his own face  mask and took his daughters trick or treating.

That is awesome on SO many levels.