It’s a New Year and Facebook Is Still Insane

In Facebook land you can say President Biden is a child molester, you can call your FORMER friends Libtards, but the following  Meme will get you put in Facebook jail faster than you can say, ” Grab them by the  P%#!Y because it goes against ‘community standards’.

No, I didn’t post the gem below, but I have been jailed for things that probably toed the line- like I’ve  called Trump Supporters” Covid Ridden stains on humanity” BUT I added smiley emojis and prayer hands to show I was sharing my POV with a light  and prayerful heart.  Didn’t work.

It was worth the 72 hour time out, so whatever.

As a side note, I’m not sure what Facebook’s vision of a Community is, but they let me store as many pictures there as I want, so I’m still there. But when I think of who is enforcing those Facebook’s community standards I have an idea that it is someone like this:

Back to the issue at hand: This post will get you sent to time out in Facebook world. Prepare to be shocked:

I don’t know about you, but I feel so much safer now.