Hap Hap Happy Thoughts!


Oh Anita!

Please paint the sky with rainbows

fill the air with pale blond fairies and chirping birds

don’t curse the light, it is your friend,  bask in it we love you!

Spread positivity, post smiley face emojis and prayer hands all over social media

why so angry? Why so mad? If you put on a hap hap happy face and smiled the world

would be a better place for me and



And then it came to me in a burst of color- need I say a rainbow of burning pastels?

What a thought, what an idea- oh the power!

I can change the world for the better

if I smile and pretend like the things that matter to me don’t exist.

But what the hey, I’ll play- here is a singing bird, a splash of color a little emoji with a


but trust me, that darkness I see, that darkness I feel

flickers and burns

and no matter how many happy vibes bang against it, day after day

it always finds a way to roar to life

and those flames are always warm.