Feelin’ Oorie?


A word like oorie does not exist

in the modern lexicon

and trying to use it in a writing prompt is a challenge.


Just a note on that:

To someone who is just learning English with words and phrases

currently  housed in Merriam Webster

they truly do feel your pain.


So chin up, have fun with new words and old words,  they are not written in stone.

Well, they used to be- but I digress.

My point is, don’t be afraid to breathe life into old and new words.



I watched my  some of my friends and family as they learned English and one of their

favorite things to do was to say words and phrases in Southern accents. The heavier

the better.


To this day I can’t hear someone say, ” How are you today ” without hearing it  in a

heavy West Texas accent by by someone who only spoke Persian or German ( you get

the point ) for the  first largest  part of their life.


So don’t let knew  unfamiliar words make you feel oorie, have fun with them  and

even at them.