No Road Ahead

Linda G Hil’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday Prompt is: “In the.”

Gertrude Abercrombie


In the time it took me

to decide if I should turn left or turn right

the shape of the road I had  obediently followed changed

and I had to decide if I should  go forwards

or backwards.


Wouldn’t you know it? In blink of an eye

the road was gone, my map was meaningless

it was dark and I was good and lost

and to tell you the truth

as I stood there very much alone and afraid of what could happen next

I had never felt so free in my life.




The Dusty Slate


This is my Granddaughter, Jemma.

She is  three and will be turning four years old in a couple of months.

She loves Elsa from Frozen, she drives her own battery operated ATV and she has a Nanny dog named Frankie who looks like he could take down one of the monsters in the Godzilla canon. Her Nanny dog is actually sweeter and more gentle then my cat Wolfgang who almost pulled out a dog’s eyes in a fight.

She’s recently adopted a Robo-Fish.

She is only three and to young to be vaccinated against Covid-19.

In a world where people take responsibility for their health and actions, none of us would have to worry about our children and grandchildren being afflicted by the “Plague “.

But we live in a world where Science doesn’t matter and people are defending, literally to the death, their right to spread a disease that can kill and sicken other people.

In their Universe, all you have to do is take medicine intended to rid horses  of parasites. If you don’t take the de-wormer, well too bad for you. It’s a cure and if you don’t take it, then die.

So today I get this message:

I cannot express how angry I am.

The next time anyone DARES to look me in the face and say they have a ‘right’ to be unvaccinated, I’m going to staple my three year old Granddaughter’s test results to their forehead and every time they look in  a mirror they can see what their hard fought ‘freedumb fighting’ has won them.