The Bunnie Embargo of 2008


My sister is named Esther and when she was little we used to call her the ” Esther Bunny ” and from that point on we gave her all things bunny related for Christmas, her Birthday and Valentines day.

To this day I have her listed in my contact info as ” Bunny  R. ”

Bunny, bunny bunnies.

But as you know, the longer you spend traveling down the ol’ road of  life the more and more you start to hit bumps and a few years ago Esther aka Bunny R. hit one at Christmas.

Instead of her customary stash of Bunny stuff- knick knacks, sweaters, socks- anything you could stamp a bunny on- she started to open package after package from her daughters and she found-  Sheep stuff.

Fluffy sheep with Bambi eyes , baby sheep with angel wings, rainbow sheep and unicorn sheep, they piled up next to my sister’s Christmas tree. When I saw that stash of gifts that day, I was a little envious. They were sheep and it was different from the usual pile of bunny stuff – so I sure. I loved her gifts.

In my opinion Es was relieved to see something other then a ton of Bunny stuff but she did ask the girls who did they decide to go from Bunnies to Sheep?

Because she told them she wanted sheep stuff they said.

My sister is a good sport and instead of digging any deeper she enjoyed her gifts.

She told me though, later that Christmas day, she had asked for ” Fleece ” stuff, you know blankets, pajamas.


Now when my Sister asks what I want for Christmas or my birthday I ask for ” Sheeps ” and I am sorry to say she doesn’t get me cute little sheep knick knacks or plushies. She gives me fleece wear.

Heavy sigh.

I think sheep are awesome and to be sure if I found a few under my Christmas tree or stacked next to my birthday cake, I’d be  a happy girl. Until then I’m very happy with my cozywear.