Just A Nibble?

Until just a few years ago I used to do the Halloween Haunted House run.

I’d show up and with my friends at various haunted houses, get into line and scream and yell and act scared the second we crossed the threshold because once I did that people started to pop like popcorn in hot oil and it was AWESOME.

So I wasn’t exactly scared, but I had fun.


I may have been enjoying myself at the expense of my friends and people I didn’t know. But isn’t that what Halloween is about?

They videos below are promos for Halloween animatronics and what surprises me is that a lot of the ones that you could have only found in professionalHaunted Houses are showing up in private homes now. They’re not exactly inexpensive so you really have to be into the experience to sink some cash into them.

I would. But I don’t have the storage space. Well. Maybe one day, right?

There are 92 Days until Halloween- I hope the little nibbles below will keep you happy until the ‘big day’ gets even closer.

Anita Marie

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