A Word or Two

I’m posting a list of ” Halloween ” related words because I’m working my way through the 100 Days To Halloween on my blog,  and here at day 85 I am looking for some inspiration.

Call me weird, but sometimes looking for inspiration to write something is as much fun as the writing process itself…and it can strike with one word.




Eerie Ogre
Apple cider Exorcist Orange
Bat Eyeballs Owl
Beast Fall Poison
Beware Fangs Popcorn balls
Black Frankenstein Pumpkin
Black cat Full moon Pumpkin seeds
Blood Ghastly Rat
Bones Ghost Raven
Boo Ghoul Scarecrow
Broomstick Glow-in-the-dark Scary
Cackle Glowsticks Scream
Candy Goblin Skeleton
Candy corn Goo Skull
Cape Goosebumps Slime
Caramel apple Graveyard Spider
Carving Grim reaper Spider webs
Cauldron Halloween (of course!) Spook
Cemetery Hades Spooky
Chant Haunted house Taffy
Chocolate Hayride Terror
Clown Hitchcock Toad
Cobwebs Hocus pocus Toil and Trouble
Coffin Horror Tombstone
Costumes Howl Trick or treat
Crow Jack-o-lantern Twilight
Curse Lollipops Vampire
Danger Magic Warlock
Demon Mask Warts
Devil Midnight Werewolf
Dracula Monster Wicked
Dreary Mummy Witch
Dungeon Nightmare Wraith
Dusk October Zombie

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