It’s Cool Down There


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According to the Yodas at Wikipedia A buttery” was originally a large cellar room under a monastery  in which food and drink were stored for the provisioning of strangers and passing guests.”

I don’t know about you, but when I think of cellars at a monastery I think of ghosts and corpses and forbidden books. My mind doesn’t go to food and wine. Plus, the idea of a cellar in a monastery just being a pantry is sort of a let down.

Those places are supposed to be spooky darn it.

Oh wait, I did hear a great ghost story where one of the ghosts haunting a farm house was the tortured spirit of a young woman who had been killed and hung on a  hook behind pantry door.

Wait, one more. My Great Grandmother insisted that she found a box with some finger bones and teeth in pantry shortly after she moved into her house.

Okay Anita, reel it in.

The point I’m trying to get to is that if you’re going to use a cellar for something other then food and wine ( and I hope you will ) you might consider doing this:

A cool  dry cellar is a great place to store a mummy or two and it’s a better use of the space.

Go on, think outside the box- or the coffin as it were. I do it all of the time.



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