Purple Monsters and Other Scary Things


I’m always looking for ways to kick start a story,this is one way I do it- in a pinch I Google.

It’s not full proof though. Do you know what happens if you Google Monsters/Scary/Purple  because you need a little inpirsation? Nothing happens. That’s what you get. Nothing except for fuzzy cute monsters and that’s not what I am going for at all.

However, if you go to Google Arts and culture, open your mind and you explore the art collection by color you will score in a big way- I’ve posted my finds below.

Also if you go to YouTube and are willing to nose around under the same description- but you know that there’s at least one song out there about Purple People Eaters you might get lucky and run across something new like this:

Mekheski – Moon People
Nicholas Roerich1915/1915

The Lucky Hand (scene 1) Arnold Schoenberg1910

The Merry-go-round Walter Spies1922 – 1922

I think lightning is pretty darn scary so I did find this with a little effort:


 I used a color to give the Muses a place to start working from and it works most of the time- and it’s fun. Have you tried it?



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