Hey! Join The Club

There are 49 days left to Halloween and I know… I KNOW that we already have some darn fine Halloween mascots- Bats, Black Cats, Spiders and Owls but I think that this year we might consider adding a new member to the HW Mascot Club.

Meet Estemmenosuchus – or better known as ( and a heck of a lot easier to pronounce )

” The Crowned Crocodile “


Estemmenosuchus  lived  255 million years ago and despite the fierce name, Estemmenosuchus was an herbivore who may have munched on the occasional dino-burger now and then.

So much like Bats and Black Cats ” The Crowned Crocodile ” was misunderstood for awhile too. Everyone thought he was a killing machine. But we’re a little wiser now.

That in my opinion makes this lovable looking chonky dinosaur a perfect fit for the role of  Halloween Mascot. Give him a chance. He’s awesome.


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