This is my Granddaughter Jemma.

For Halloween she decided to be Pennywise for Halloween and she killed it-well. You know what I mean:

Photo: Moscoso

A month or so ago she grew into a the motorcycle jacket I bought her when she was just a couple of years old. I got it for her because it was a copy ( almost ) of the one I bought for myself when I was 16. I wore it into my 40’s until it was worn out beyond repair. I have it stored in one of those boxes you store wedding gowns in,

Hell. I didn’t even go through that trouble for my actual wedding dress.

Recently Jemma picked out a dress, put on the jacket and posed with the family dog for a picture:

Photo J.M Moscoso

She said she was dressed up as the Bride of Chucky:

Her Mom said she reminded her of Buffy The Vampire Slayer- the original Buffy, not the TV version. I get that because Jemma is an athletic kid and the Tv Buffy Buffy didn’t carry herself the way Kristy Swanson- or for that matter the way Jemma does.

I think Jemma captured Tiffany’s spirit ( ahem ). It was something in that smile:

Inspired By The SFC prompt; The Aisle of Ancestors