A Song For Wintertime

One of my favorite shows on TV is called ” Ghosts” .

The premise is a young couple inherit a grand old house that is haunted by generations of Ghosts. The twist? After having a near death experience- brought on by one of the ghosts, Samantha/Allison can now see ghosts and she sees them everywhere.

There is a the Original version which airs in the UK and the American version which airs here in the States. I love both versions because they different so you don’t feel like you’re watching the same show with actors with different accents.

The British version is a tad bit darker and the American Version seems to focus more on the Ghosts, but like I said I love both versions.

I bought the DVD’s for the original version because it was cheaper then buying it through Amazon Prime’s streaming service. I had taken to watching and episode here and there and one night I hit the Christmas episode where the Ghosts and Samantha sing ” In The Bleak Midwinter ”

It really was a perfect song for Ghosts to sing at Christmas time and when the camera shifted to the Plague Victims in the basement and they looked up and sang, I’ll be honest I was moved.

So for my Sunday Song pick, I present ” Ghosts ” singing  In The Bleak Midwinter.