Merry Caturday!

I found the puurrrfect cat to celebrate for today’s Caturday.

Jólakötturinn, or the  ‘Yule Cat’  stalks the nighttime winter wonderland in search of his prey. My cats stalk their prey late at night and in the snow too, but they lack the Yule Cat’s focus.

The difference between my little angels and this less then jolly Christmas spirit is that Jólakötturinn is as big as a house  and  feasts strictly on the poor souls who do not get new clothes for Christmas.

My cats eat anything that comes out of tin and they were really fond of those crunchies shaped like fish that turned their teeth red. They didn’t care what kind of clothes you wore as long as you could work a can opener. However, in  a pinch they’ll sleep on your face and laugh the way cats laugh when you trip and fall so they are not without their dark side.

So for today’s Caturday let’s celebrate Jólakötturinn, but it’s probably a good idea to wear a new sweater or something when you do.

PS if you want to know how to pronounce Jólakötturinn go HERE