Itttsss Caaaatuurrday!

Welcome to my special edition of CCAAAATURDAY!

I’m looking for festive felines to celebrate Caturday with and today I’ve gone with the

beautiful ” Werewolf Cat “

Here are some tasty tidbits of Info on these magnificent creatures:

The Lykoi felines get their spooky features from a naturally-occurring Sphynx cat mutation mixed with black domestic shorthair.

They have no hair around their eyes, noses, ears and muzzles – but have consistently patchy coats of fur on the rest of their bodies.

Werewolf cats  behave like dogs as they hunt for prey and toys- my cats did that and they weren’t Werewolf cats. They were raised by my dogs, Domino and Cerberus. I loved my cats, but if they had looked like Werewolf cats that would have been pawesome.