Let’s Erase This One

Prompt: If you could erase a word, what would it be?

I used to hang out with this friend who, took things like the arts and human rights  and Women’s issues very,  very seriously.

So I was surprised when she used this word on more then one occasion:


It’s a real word and it shows up in the Urban dictionary.

She would say she didn’t like a song because it was ” kind of rapey ” and she didn’t like movies because the scenes were a little to ” rapey “.  She would also describe   the waiter, or the delivery guy or guys she had a low opinion of she would describe as ” kind of rapey ”

That word really got under my skin because it reminded me about the times I’ve heard parents give nicknames to body parts because they thought their child was to young to use words like ” Vagina ” or ” Penis “.

I get why parents do that with little kids, but I think that when a grown woman uses a word like ” Rapey ” in conversations with other adults I have to wonder if she is doing it for the same reason- that she views the people she is talking to as not being quite ready for Prime Time Adult conversations.

That’s the reason if I could  erase a word, it would be ” Rapey “.

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