Game On

Inspired by the Daily Prompt: If you could be someone else for a day, who would you be, and why?


In the play Macbeth, the Witch’s cauldron and it’s grisly contents represent Macbeth’s dark and troubled mind:

Below is a painting by Gustave Courbet- It is titled “The Painter’s Studio” and it is an allegory summing up seven years of his “artistic and moral life “

Gustave Courbet
The Painter’s Studio

I  might be playing with fire here, but if I could spend a day inside of the head of the artist Courbet or the fictional character Macbeth- you know what? I think I would do it. What kind of images and stories could I bring back after spending the day skating around the edges of despair and visual creativity where color and form would occupy every free inch of my brain?

I’d like to know.