Pretty Words


Photographer Unknown

There have been a few times, when I had to walk in a snow storm.

Both times I found myself in that spot because the roads weren’t safe to drive on and going on foot was the only option I had.

Once, and only once did the Sun come out during  one of those walks, and for just a few minutes, and when I lifted my face up to warm it, nothing happened. The Sun was up in the sky doing absolutely nothing except shining.

So I kept walking.

Then a few years ago I saw this picture and a video that showed what the Sun looks like from the icy surface of Pluto. The Sun is just hanging up there in the sky doing absolutely nothing except shining and I thought-

Wow. I know people who are like that.

You’re cold and  and maybe even a little scared and all they do is hang above you and shine and all you can do is keept walking.