Stuff or Swim?

Daily Prompt: What are three objects you couldn’t live without?

One day I came home from work and found out my Dad had died, my cousin had died and short time later I would lose my dog too.

From that point on I lost everything else- or maybe I just let it go.

But in that short time I learned a very bitter yet valuable lesson.

You CAN learn to live without just about anything- you have to.

If you spend one spare moment thinking about what to save when you have to move and save yourself NOW, when the time comes for you to fight you won’t be able too because ‘ your hands ‘ are full of stuff.

Here’s a  real life sceneario for you to consider.

I was reading about a woman who lost her dog when the building she lived in collapsed.

The reason was she lost her dog was that  she had a choice to make in a split second- grab

her phone or save her dog.

She grabbed her phone.

Her brain was ‘full of stuff’ and in that second that’s what she saved. Her ‘stuff’. Her ‘things’. Something that she told herself at some point in time that she could not live without.

When the time came to make that choice, she acted on it.

I  have learned I can live without stuff, without things and I hope I always remember that.