Dry As A Bone


If you ask me anything related to numbers- like what time is is? How many eggs go into that mix? How many miles away is it? This little trickle of sweat starts at the back of my neck and races down my spine.

So if I could have ask for one talent- it wouldn’t be to sing, it wouldn’t be to dance.

It wouldn’t be to draw and paint or to be a great photographer.

I do all of those things anyway, I’m just really, really bad at all of them but a lack of talent has never stopped me from singing or drawing or taking pictures.

The one talent I’d wish for would be the talent to be a scary good at math,

If I was good at math I could have been an engineer for NASA  or a scientist. I don’t care which in which  field. I’ve just always wanted to be a scientist.

But I’m no good at math and I’m afraid of numbers and when  I day dream,  I always see myself in a lab with numbers all around me and the skin over my spine is as dry as a bone.


To Quote Plato

Word Of The Day Challenge: CONSENT

The Normalization of “Post-Truth”
Jeff Gates2017-08-23

Among my family members and friends are people who consider themselves ” Good Republicans ”  who  say they don’t like Trump and they do things like fly the flag on the 4th of July and they post pictures of soldiers  on their FB walls on Veterans day and they ever so gently point out I belong to a party ‘with the same kinds of problems ‘ as republicans so why bring up things like  Trump’s deadly attack on our Capitol and Trump’s distasteful  bromances with Dictators?

Of course President Obama was never accused of rape or for paying an adult film actress for her silence before his election and President Biden didn’t instruct law enforcement to shoot people in face when he wanted to clear the area for a photo-op and as far as I know he doesn’t think much of White Supremacists or Tucker Carlson.

But to their credit, they don’t rant and rave and claim that Democrats are cannibals who prey on children and they would never support the argument that we weren’t attacked on September 11th.

The problem is, they don’t say anything critical about Trump or the Republican party at all. And even though I care for my friends and family who are republicans I have taken note of the ones who have remained silent because –

“Your silence gives consent.”

and their silence is absolutely deafening.

Plato, copy of the portrait made by Silanion ca. 370 BC for the Academia in Athens


― Plato