The Last Call


Photographer Unknown

The last conversation I had with my Aunt took place a week or so before she died.
She told me, in that call ” don’t bother to have dreams, they never come true. Especially for people like us. “
I remember her voice was strong, clear and determined. She really  needed for me to understand ‘our’ place in the world before she left it.
I remember my answer.
My voice shook a little when I told her-
 ” Okay. “


The Bookshelf

Daily Prompt: What makes you most anxious?

I have a shelf full of unread books in my living room.




I am so ashamed of myself and that shelf.

In the past I have neglected my health. I neglected doing things I enjoy like cooking and ha, ha, ha, drawing and photography.

Point of clarification. I suck at drawing and photography but I never let my lack of talent stop me from doing those things because I enjoy them.

But no matter how bad things got in my life, I never stopped writing and I never stopped reading. And then in the last couple  of  years I sort of crashed. I kept

writing but I dropped a lot of other things and that has stressed me out – a lot.

Well guess what baby. I’m back. I started my Goodread challenge back up and I’m reading my first book of the year. I am committed to reading a hundred books.

According to the challenge, I’m 17 books behind. Seriously. That made me laugh. But hey Goodreads, challenge accepted.

In my bones I know I’ll nail the challenge this year. Actually I’ve never done that. But when you say your going to read 100 books half that total is pretty cool.  I

think the  point is to read and fill your brain with tasty morsels, so watch my Goodreads icon on my blog and let’s see how it goes.