How To Serve ( the ) Man

Inspired by the Word of the Day Challenge: Propitious

Photo A..M. Moscoso
Ripley’s Museum
Dells, Wisconsin

I’m excited about the movie ” Renfield ” for a number of reasons and NONE of them  include the fact that it’s a movie about Vampires.

In my Universe, Vampires are my least favorite Monsters. I mean, I read the book by Bram Stoker and I love Bela Lugosi as Dracula but I didn’t think they were cool until the movie ” What We Do In The Shadows ” came out.

In thinking about it, I think it was the entire Master and Slave thing that bothered me.  I liked the traditional vampires from old folklore where Vampires were sort of unhinged and went after their own families- which in itself is pretty vicious and horrifying ( your husband , your Mom your child wants to kill you- horrific ) and is really the ultimate betrayal that does shatter your heart and darkens your soul.

So, I am excited to see what ” Renfield ” is all about because in the trailer it looks like  ” Renfield ” is an allegory about people who are trapped in- pardon the twist here- dead end jobs- dead end relationships both of which are places where dead end lives are grown and then mowed over and mulched.

Given the world we are living in, the timing for this story being told is truly propitious.

So I will be taking in ‘Renfield’ and even if you aren’t into Vampires and slo-mo fight scenes, you might want to see it too.