My Tasmanian Tiger

Word Of the Day Challenge: EXTINCTION


Remember when we used to tell ghost stories?

Remember when we used to gather in the living room after dinner and the tv was off, maybe the radio was on and we would talk about monsters and devils and lights in the sky that didn’t behave the way lights in the sky normally behave?

Remember when we would wonder what made the floorboards in the attic creak and we wondered why the laundry room door never stayed shut and why was there a coat hook in the pantry and why was the knife drawer in the kitchen always open?

Remember when we used to be curious about the world, what made it tick,  no matter how scary it seemed to be at times?

I remember when we used to do these things.

Now I  wonder all on my own because some of the people I used to sit with after dinner grew old and died  or they moved away and now a few of them post pictures on Facebook about what they ate, or what they are drinking and and sometimes instead of saying how they feel about the world, they post a quote from someone else’s wall to paint a picture to show us where their head is today.

Sometimes I feel like my curiosity  is an animal, like the Tasmanian Tiger but my curiousity is one breath away from extinction and will anybody notice when it is gone?

Will I mourn it’s loss when it’s gone? Will I notice? Will I care?

God. Please let me notice. Please let me care.

The Thylacine (Thylacinus cynocephalus) is a large, carnivorous marsupial also known as the Tasmanian Tiger or Tasmanian Wolf. It is now believed to be extinct.

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