How Sweet It Is

WP Prompters want to know: Which food, when you eat it, instantly transports you to childhood?

There isn’t a single food that transports me back to my childhood.

My Mom didn’t like to cook, my Dad was a Chef who wanted nothing to do with the kitchen when he was at home ( except for the holidays ) so for the most part my childhood meals were grim silent affairs and there’s probably a reason why I don’t have have a food that takes me back to my childhood. We ate because it was meal time. Hoozah and hip- hip-hooray. That’s not exactly the bulletin board  that you can tack happy memories to.

But there is a food-or foods that when combined in a bowl or packed in little decorative baggies that do whisk me back to my childhood- zip, zap just like that. I am talking about Halloween Candy of course.

To this day when I’m pouring Halloween candy into a bowl and that sugary smell whooshes up into my face I really do  feel happy and I fly straight back to my childhood with no stops in between.

Not only  can I smell the candy, I can smell the crisp autumn air from over 50 years ago, I can smell my plastic Halloween Masks that I wore as a kid, I can smell the excitement that crawls around your spine as the sunsets and it’s time to run out into the night and Trick or Treat.

Now this is something that you might find amusing

I don’t like candy. I just love the smell.

No Trick, no fooling. Isn’ that funny?