Say What?

RDP Thursday: PURIST

Over the years I have actually been told by people in various writer’s groups that I don’t write ‘real horror ‘ and that I’m not really in touch with the “darkness ” and that I am NOT scary.

Not even a little scary.

I think that means I’m harmless. You know. Fluffy.

So, I have to agree,  maybe that’s a little true.

My favorite color is pink, and for the first four years of his life I dressed my dog up like lady bugs and bunnies and kittens for Halloween. I also collet Pez Dispensers.

On the other hand.

I had a job that required I help rebuild the face  of someone who had sailed threw their windshield and met and untimely death and as I worked I sang all of my favorite Abba songs A cappella because the CD player was on the fritz and my CD kept skipping which made me sort of crazy.

I mean a song would start and then a few seconds later it would skip to the next song which would play all the way through. It even played the one after that all the way through and then….skippety  skip  skip skip.

At the time I had no idea who came up with the bright idea for CDs and CD players and sold them as indestructible and dependable but if I would have known at that exact moment who they were, I would have hunted them down,  strapped them to an embalming table and given them an experience that those of us with a pulse are never going to know.

After that some of my co-workers claimed I always hummed Abba songs when I was ticked off, I don’t remember doing that- but it was probably true.

AI Artwork by:
Dolly Cypher

So the next time you are tempted to tell somebody else who they are  and that through some kind of Spidey Sense  you think you ‘get’ what is going on in their heart and head because of what they draw or write or the kind of music they like.

Just. Don’t.

You’re apt to be oh so very wrong.

AI Artwork by:
Dolly Cypher



Oh No! Anything But That!

WP Daily Prompt is curious, today it  asks us to Describe your dream chocolate bar.

Title: Candy Dish
Creator: Gorham Manufacturing Company
Date Created: c. 1840-1860
Location Created: United States of America

Sorry WP Prompters, I can’t do that because I do NOT like chocolate bars and if I dreamed of one it would be in a nightmare. You didn’t ask me to describe my nightmare chocolate bar.

Because I am female- and along with being told my entire life that if I smiled more I would look prettier, I have heard we are supposed to love chocolate- but I most certainly do not love it.

When I bite into chocolate- and it doesn’t matter the quality of the chocolate itself- my brain reads what is going on in my mouth this way-

” Pennies coated in chalk dust? What the heck is going on down there? ”

I don’t have a refined palate where candy is concerned-my personal favorite candies  are Popcorn flavored Jelly Beans and Marshmallow  Peeps. So you can see I don’t eat a lot of candy and what I do eat is the same kind of candy you would find clutched in a toddler’s hand while they’re racing around the house before naptime,  but when I am out and about and have the opportunity to try out new desserts I go for it.

I hardly ever eat the same dessert twice. I mean I will work my way through the dessert menu because it’s fun and dessert time should be fun.

Before I started writing this post and I was looking for a little inspiration, I asked Google arts to show me Candy Dishes and it took me to Sweet Cuisine and there were some desserts I would try in a heartbeat.

The last dish is one that I am determined to try one day because that’s the way I roll baby.

Title: Flower bomb
Location: Girona, Spain
Restaurant: Celler de Can Roca
Chef: Jordi Roca

Title: Chia seed soup, apple and celery slush, and strawberry sorbet
Restaurant: Santceloni
Chef: Montse Abellà
Photographer Unknown

Title: The ice cream that cheeses dream of
Photographer: Obrador Grate / Fernando Sáenz
Chef: Fernando Sáenz