Gone For Good

The Daily Prompters  asked: Are there things you try to practice daily to live a more sustainable lifestyle? 
Well Prompters let me tell you a little story:

Artist: Fredrik Raddum

Many years ago I was heavily involved in politics and I used to go to meetings which meant I spent a lot of time with people who usually had one big issue they were promoting.

I gave up on supporting any  group the day I tried to introduce the topic about Racism in our communities and some of  the Enviros  ( environmentalists ) kind of patted me on the head and said, that was a ‘divisive issue’  that might put people off.  Therefore  ” WE ” needed to come together on an issue that would help ” all of us ” – that issue was of course their issue and they really expected that people who were dealing with Racism and all of it’s ugliness would set that aside to help them get the word out to recycle and give up cars in favor of Electric Bicycles.

The big thing that the Enviros at this particular meeting were pushing for making people aware of their Carbon Footprint and how to reduce it. I actually thought that was a good idea. I still do.  However, they looked me in the face and said they weren’t interested in any issue concerning communities of color so nope, I did not hop on their bandwagon. I didn’t even run along side it and throw confetti.

As you are aware, in any group there is always one ( sometimes more ), that singleperson that is always going to push things one step beyond  the point that is reasonable and the one guy in this group  was determined to not leave a single trace of himself behind.

When we took a break I told him about these pictures NASA had released where they believed they had found buried pyramid sites. There were even satellite pictures of ancient roads where it is believed that the workers had traveled on with their materials. I was curious what he thought of that.

” They destroyed the Earth to make those.”

So I asked him, it would have been better if the Pyramids- any pyramid anywhere on Earth should never have been constructed.

He stuck to his guns. ” That’s right. ”

A satellite image shows a field of what may be buried pyramid sites in Egypt.

At the end of that meeting my Pyramid Hating Friend  cornered me asked me what the Funeral Industry was going to improve their practices because “you guys” are  poisoning and polluting  the Earth.

” So  you’re asking me how can we dispose of a body so that it’s as if it never existed?”

I tapped my front tooth- which is something I do when I am thinking really hard. ” Well, My Pyramid Hating Friend ( not his real name of course ) that’s a weird question. You’re asking me how to get rid of a body so that it leaves no trace of itself behind. You do know that the only people who ask that kind of questions are Writers and Serial Killers or Psychopaths. And I know  you’re not a writer- ”

” I’m serious Anita. ”

I took a step back and tried to look nervous and scared.  Then  I scuttled away as if he were Jack the Ripper himself  and called back to him,  ” Me too. ” I told him. ” Me too. ”