The Snakes and The Bees

RDP Tuesday: The Bee’s Knees

Mary Louise Brooks-American Film Actress

My Grandmother and her sisters were born in the 20’s and hit  the 1940’s just in time to enjoy the Big Band Era with great gusto.

Flappers were cutting edge girls to the girls in my Grandmother’s family, so following that lead I also  suspect they were party girls, but  they never let on. They weren’t fooling me. They were. I knew it, they knew I knew it but for some reason they wouldn’t fess up.

During the 70’s when I hit my Punk Music phase and I wore leather and played guitar and road motorcycles they  thought it was cool. They were encouraging. ” Be yourself or be something else but don’t sit there and be nothing ” was the message I got.

Also a few of them could really drink men under the table and walk away from that table as sober as a Judge.

At any rate, they thought my ‘rebellious’ phase was ‘cute’ and I think they liked seeing me sort of skate along the wild side of life but the biggest take away I got from them was that they thought me and my wild friends were lightweights, compared I am assuming, to what they used to do.

I guess that streak of blazing my own path, which had started 20 odd years before I was born, was bound to leave it’s mark on me- in big ways and in small ways-

like this way:

Once I stopped by Grandma’s on the way to a concert in Seattle so that I could say ‘hi’ and show my Grandma my outfit. I don’t know  remember  what I was wearing but I cracked open her front door and called in for her to close her eyes.

I walked in and closed the door. Then I told her to open her eyes and I twirled around and said ” I am the Snake’s Hips Grandma…the Snake’s Hips! ”

My Grandma was standing there with a cigarette in her hand and she was smiling. Approval was stamped all over her face. ” You’re the Bees Knees Anita Marie. The Bee’s Knees “.


The next generation of women destined to be the Bee’s Knees in my family- my Granddaughter, Jemma.

Jemma Moscoso
Photo A.M. Moscoso


Look At Me

Fandango’s One-Word Challenge- ANGER


My anger races around my feet

chattering and nipping at my heels

demanding for me to pick it up and show it

some love.


Sometimes I stoop down and scoop my

anger up

and I whisper in it’s ear that  I will not walk

away from it.

It has a home in my heart.


But there are times when I look down and

see my anger staring back up at me

so I walk away and I let it be

because I am terrified at what I see in it’s





The Big Question

WordPress Daily Prompters are wondering: How important is spirituality in your life?

Field with Young Trees in the Foreground
Piet Mondrianc. 1907

If it weren’t for Gods and Devils,

if I lived a life where I didn’t believe in a Heaven or Hell, as a person I would be as colorless as a McDonald’s Happy Meal Box that your kids drop in the backseat floor of your car and ‘forget’ to throw away.

Suffice it to say that my  faith in the Heavens and The Hell where spirits go to meet their reward is iron clad. You can’t reason me away from my beliefs.

I am a true believer.

Photographer Unknown

You see, if I hadn’t feasted on the stories in the Bible about the Horseman Of the Apocalypse, if I had not read word for word and taken in the images of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and seen in my mind’s eye Lot’s wife being turned into salt, heard the cries of the people begging for their lives as Noah sailed away and left them to drown and watched in one nightmare after another as Caine murdered his own brother in cold blood under the watchful eye of an angry God and then LIED to that God about what he had done,  then I would probably not be the writer I am today.

I should probably add here that I have absolutely  taken seriously and learned stories from many religions and other belief systems.

My reason for this respect in Spirituality is  pure in it’s simplicity: Religions and spirituality bring a lot of positive into the world- on the other hand they bring along a lot of horror stories that are unsurpassed. Most of them were the birth place of horrific demons, monsters and twisted human souls that most horror writers, to this day riff on.

Adam Burke: Ghosts of the Anthropocene

I like being a writer. I like it alot and I consider my love of writing to be a gift from Heaven and I am grateful…  of course at other times I do wonder  if that might not be entirely true and as it stands I am good with that.

Like I said.

I am a True Believer.

Lucifer by Franz von Stuck