Look At it This Way

Call me odd, but I think these illustrations better represent these fairytale characters then the ones we are accustomed to:

She lured men up to her room and then and as they began their climb up the outside wall because there was no door-

they all plunged to their deaths just as they reached her window.

As we know, it was a very tall tower and it was surrounded by sticker bushes.

Rapunzel and her family claimed that an Evil Witch was was responsible for all of those deaths.

Good story Rapunzel. You ought to write it down, you’d make a fortune…oh wait.


What would drive a man to kiss a corpse?

She’s enchanted and she’s only sleeping they claimed.

Sleeping Beauty was a zombie says I:

Tick Tock

WP asks- How do you waste the most time every day?

The Lady in Distress
James Ensor

I don’t waste time.

I have lost years, days,  hours  of my life to depression, to the deaths of my loved ones. I don’t ensconce myself in my skull and let time creep or fly by without me taking a good hard jab at it.

Here are two things that I dedicate my time too:

I write- which is always a good use of my time.  I  draw or do a little photography- I mean I really , really suck at the visual arts but who cares? I consider the time I spend on photography or drawing as time well spent.

Besides. It’s like the Visual Arts hate my guts and me attempting to do them is my way of hating their guts right back. It’s like I’m standing up on this pile horrific artwork that I’ve created and like Doctor Frankenstein I shout up into the night sky as I jump up and down on the carcasses that I’ve created:

” It’s Alive hahahahahahahaaaaa.”

My goal, at the end of the day is to look back and say to myself, ” So Anita, did you do anything cool today -”

and for my answer to always be yes.