Word of the Day Challenge: TOURIST

Photographer Unknown

I was thinking about gates and doorways because I am putting together ideas for my Halloween stories and I’m thinking that’s a neat theme to weave my stories together- it keeps the reading experience  from getting clunky as you move from one post to the next.

First thing I noted- doorways to the Underworld aren’t always traps ready to send you to your doom- the two temples below are considered gateways to the Underworld and when you look at them it’s obvious to see they mean business and you have a chance to not go in and mess around with worlds that are- as the saying goes, ” above your pay grade ”

Secondly,  gate at the top of this post really doesn’t tell you anything except, ” go on, look at me all normal- I’m just doing what gates do. I’m just standing here. ” That gate scares me- in a good way of course.

All in all I find these three gates interesting, I think I’m going to play tourist and see what I come up as I do a little more exploring here:

Palace at Mitla
The name Mitla is derived from the Nahuatl name Mictlán, meaning the “place of the dead” or “underworld.” Its Zapotec name is Lyobaa, which means “place of rest.”


Temple of Hatshepsut at Deir el Bahari

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