So Far…I’m Good


At the end of November I had this goal to start writing again.

Not only did I want to do that, I wanted to write daily.

And ta-da, so far so good.

Since then, I’ve reconnected with my friends, I listen to a lot more music and I read more.

Plus I’ve been listening to these radio shows that they tape here in Washington state called, ‘Imagination Theatre’.

These wonderful stories of mystery and suspense are written by Jim French

( from the website Harry Nile )

Jim has written and produced over 500 original shows, including the popular “Harry Nile” and “The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” mysteries…

I went to a few of the tapings and that was fun- you could see the sound effects guy at work and see all of the fun things that get edited out of the final taping that goes on the show.

All of Jim French’s shows are great, but my favorite is ” Kincaid The Strange Seeker.”

Kincaid is the Bee’s Knees – he’s like a cross between Kolchak and my Grandpa Bert. I don’t want to give away more than that. Just check out the website.


Feeding my brain as opposed to feeding my eyes with the junk food fest that TV has to offer has really fueled my creative side- made it roar as it is.

I’ve only got back up to speed with my blogging, I’m working on some short stories for a collection I’m putting together and I wonder- should I add radio scripts to the mix?

Ha. I don’t think so, script writing is hard and I suck at it.

But it’s something to think about.


So that’s my Enduring Bones recap.

I’m feeling very good about the direction my writing is taking.

I do believe its possible that I go on…so…

Here’s to many more words ahead!


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2 thoughts on “So Far…I’m Good

  1. Bravo! It feels good to be able to write everyday, doesn’t it? I’ve been writing in my diary everyday since the 1st of jan 2016, one page a day. I used to never use a diary before, it was always just plain journals/writing books. Best of luck in your writing this year!

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