Hidden Treasures

Some tips for writers and other creatives.

At The Crossroads


Divining Rods

One of Sheppard’s Epigrams (1651) runs thus– Virgula divina.

“Some Sorcerers do boast they have a Rod,
Gather’d with Vowes and Sacrifice,
And (borne about) will strangely nod
To hidden Treasure where it lies;
Mankind is (sure) that Rod divine,
For to the Wealthiest (ever) they incline.”


I have learned that there are writers and storytellers and sometimes those talents end up in one body- oh happy day.

If it doesn’t, it makes no difference. All of us can learn to write and we can exercise that skill by keeping journals, writing ACTUAL LETTERS,  quipping on Facebook or Tweeting on Twitter.

Just don’t do that thing where you paint on the sides of buildings and trains- if you’re any good at it why are you giving it away for free or leaving it out there to be peed on by wildlife or your fellow humans?

I know what I’m…

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