The Pen And The Crowbar

An adventure in writing f.

At The Crossroads


Looking under rocks for ideas


This is just a little story about a woman named Mared Berger and her quest to find the perfect story that would make her the perfect writer.

Mared had attended workshops about writing, she took class, after class after workshop.

Through this all Mared couldn’t come up with a story- unless the story was about Mared paying a lot of money to ask permission to write. Come to think about it that IS a story but Mared didn’t see it that way.

Tonight we find Mared was at a Writer’s Retreat  that is held every second Tuesday of the month in a little cottage with a herb garden in the back and a rose garden in the front that was currently under siege by dozens of little garden gnomes.

The inside of the cottage had been gutted and in its place were smooth cold plaster walls, softly by electric…

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Author: animar64

I write- the rest is filler

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